Restaurant Management Sysytem


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Core Features

Restaurant POS/Inventory Management System is PHP Framework – Codeigniter based web applications that help you to manage your stock. Update stock item, purchase/add item, sales and reports from anywhere around the globe Office, Home, shop, PC or Mobile. You only need internet connection for it.

Point of Sales:

Extremely easy section manager.

Boost your profit:

Today is the day of artificial intelligence task because easy by automated system software. So manage business functional data with the software.

Easy Inventory control:

Inventory management is a vital task for every business organization. We are offering the easiest inventory controlling system for the betterment of your business.


One click quiz creator with unlimited question and multiple possible answer.


Lessons can be build up from youtube, vimeo, HTML5, Video, Tet, PDF, Doc, Image files.

Safety & Security of Data:

Data is the essential components to take the management decision. Our system keeps your all important data on a specific server & ensure the safety & security of data.

Application Preview

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Summery Report:

Restaurant Management Sysytem


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